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Kuwaiti Abaya in Polyester/Cotton Fabric. Abaya is 58 iches long and 26 inches across..
Overhead Abaya, also known as a Burqa. This overhead abaya has a zipper front - from bottom to top.T..
Overhead w/Screen
Overhead Abaya with an attached screen that covers the face. ..
Pinstripe Abaya
Pinstripe Abaya made of a medium weight polyester fabric. Very Nice. ..
Plain Abaya
Various Colors & Sizes ..
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Rust Colored Abaya
Rust Colored Jordanian Abaya is 56 inches Long and 27 inches across the chest.  Abaya has ..
Tan/Brown Border
Custom Designed Tan/Brown Border Abaya by Hadiyah. Abaya is 56 inches Long & 24 inches across th..
Unique Military Style Black
Unique Black Military Style Abaya with Silver/Black Buttons. Abaya is 56 inches Long & 22 inches..
Unique Military Style Brown
Unique Military Style Abaya designed by Hadiyah. Color is Chocolate Brown w/Gold-White  Pe..
Unique Military Style Green
Unique Military Style Design by Hadiyah. Olive Green in color - 56 inches Long and 19 inches across ..
White Abaya with White Embroidery
White Cotton Abaya with White Embroidery. ..
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