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CocoButter - Raw Soap
This nourishing raw soap is made with grade A, organic cocoa butter straight from the cocoa bean. Ya..
Eczema Bar -  Raw Soap
Yadain's Company's Signature Eczema Bar is a skin cleanser that fights, heals, and prevents ailments..
Lavender and Oatmeal Bar - Raw Soap
Lavender and Oatmeal bar is essential for Soothing and Enhancing. This deep cleansing body bar is a ..
Lemongrass Raw Soap
Yadain's Lemongrass Hair & Body Soap Bar is a refreshing, multipurpose cleanser. This beautifull..
Shea & Aloe Vera - Healing Bar - Raw Soap
This Shea Butter Deep Cleansing Body Bar thais infused with rich, succulent Aoe Vera, offering many ..
Triple Butter High Moisterizing Bar
Combined Raw Mango Butter, Raw Shea Butter, and Raw Cocoa Butter to create a one of a kind high mois..
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